Streamline Your Business with CRM Core Suite

Designed for efficiency and simplicity, our core suite offers the fundamental tools needed to organize your client data, track interactions, and foster meaningful connections.

Seamless Communication Central.

Step into the future of customer interaction with our CRM Core Suite. Lead Tracking and Google My Business integration streamline your engagement, ensuring you never miss a beat.

  • Never Miss a Lead

Maximize every opportunity with Lead Tracking and Google My Business Chat. Capture leads efficiently as they come and engage prospects directly through Google's powerful platform.

  • Engage Instantly, Engage Smartly

With Web Chat Integration and Facebook Messenger Integration, your business is poised to respond swiftly and intelligently to every inquiry.

Automated Convenience, Enhanced Reputation

Protect and polish your brand's image with our proactive Reputation Management system, keeping your business esteemed in the digital arena.

  • Instant Engagement, Endless Opportunities

Utilize our CRM's auto-reply for missed calls and our robust messaging system integrations to engage with your customers instantly.

  • Reputation as a Service

In the digital age, a business’s reputation is visible to the world. Our CRM tools proactively manage your online presence by tracking customer feedback and prompting timely responses.

  • Proactive Feedback Management

Our tools actively solicit customer feedback and prompt timely responses to any concerns.

Financials and Feedback Made Easy

Dive into financial clarity with our Invoicing System and QuickBooks Integration, simplifying your transactions and bookkeeping. Gather invaluable insights with our General and Surveys Forms, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that resonate with your customers' needs and expectations.

  • Simplified Invoicing, Amplified Cash Flow

Streamline your billing with our CRM's integrated invoicing system. Create, send, and manage invoices with ease, accelerating the payment process and improving cash flow.

  • Financial Follow-ups, Focused Results

With SMS payment reminders, our CRM takes the discomfort out of financial follow-ups. This automated feature ensures timely payment reminders are sent, reducing the outstanding receivables and maintaining a healthy revenue stream, all while keeping customer relations positive and professional.

Essential Package to Suit Your Needs

Embrace the power to transform your business operations with our CRM Core Suite. Streamlined processes, enhanced customer relationships, and improved financial management are just a click away. Don't let manual tasks and disorganized systems hold you back any longer. Fill out the form below to start your journey toward efficiency and success. Join the community of forward-thinking businesses and revolutionize your workflow today.

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Unleash the Power of CRM Core Suite

Discover the Essential Tools Designed for Your Business Success

  • Transform Leads into Success Stories

Manage and nurture your customer and lead information all in one place, ensuring every opportunity gets noticed.

  • Track Every Step of Your Customer Journey

Monitor lead progression with detailed tracking tools to understand better and enhance your sales funnel.

  • Engage Directly from Search Results

Connect instantly with clients searching for your services through Google My Business chat integrations.

  • Measure Your Call Effectiveness

Analyze and optimize your customer calls with comprehensive tracking directly linked to your Google My Business listing.

  • Chat Live, Convert More

Integrate live web chat on your site to engage visitors directly, increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

  • Guard Your Online Prestige

Manage your online reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews and feedback across multiple platforms.

  • Seamless Conversations on Social Media

Integrate live web chat on your site to engage visitors directly, increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

  • Never Miss a Lead Again

Set up auto-replies for missed calls to ensure customers are always acknowledged, enhancing service and response times.

  • Prompt Payments, Happy Finances

Send automated SMS payment reminders to clients, ensuring timely payments and improved cash flow.

  • Simplify Transactions with Text

Request and process payments securely and conveniently through SMS, making transactions easier for both you and your clients.

  • Invoicing Made Effortless

Generate, send, and manage invoices seamlessly from within the CRM, streamlining your billing process.

  • Catalog Your Success

Keep track of your products and services within the CRM to efficiently manage and promote your offerings.

  • Custom Forms for Every Need

Create and utilize custom forms for any business need, from customer feedback to service requests, streamlining data collection.

  • Gather Insights with Targeted Surveys

Deploy survey forms to gather valuable customer insights, helping you make informed decisions and improve services.

  • Adaptable Custom Values

Tailor your CRM to fit any industry with adaptable custom values. Define unique metrics like 'Project Stage,' 'Client Tier,' and 'Service Type' to align the platform with your specific business model and workflow, ensuring a perfect fit for your operational needs.

  • Flexible Custom Fields

Personalize every aspect of your CRM experience with flexible custom fields. Incorporate industry-specific data points such as 'Contract Expiry,' 'Warranty Status,' or 'Case Priority' into your customer profiles and records, allowing for a completely customized approach to managing all your business relationships.

  • Quickbooks Integration

Simplify your accounting and financial management with seamless QuickBooks integration. Sync your CRM data with QuickBooks to streamline invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting. Enjoy automated updates and real-time financial insights directly within your CRM, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

  • Slack Integration

Enhance team collaboration and communication with Slack integration. Connect your CRM to Slack to receive instant updates, share customer insights, and collaborate on tasks without leaving your workspace. This integration ensures your team stays aligned and informed, boosting productivity and customer response times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the CRM Core Suite package?

The CRM Core Suite includes essential tools such as Customer. Leads Management, Lead Tracking, Google My Business integration, Web Chat, Reputation Management, and Facebook Messenger Integration are designed to streamline your business operations and enhance customer relations.

How does the QuickBooks integration work within the CRM Core Suite?

The QuickBooks integration allows you to sync your financial data with the CRM, enabling seamless invoice creation, payment tracking, and financial reporting directly from your CRM dashboard, simplifying your accounting processes.

Can I customize the CRM Core Suite to fit my specific industry needs?

Yes, the CRM Core Suite comes with customizable values and fields, allowing you to tailor the system to meet the unique requirements of your industry, from custom data fields to industry-specific workflows.

What kind of support can I expect with the CRM Core Suite?

Subscribers to the CRM Core Suite receive dedicated support, including access to our customer service team via email, phone, and live chat, comprehensive online resources and training materials.

How does the Slack integration enhance team communication?

Integrating Slack with our CRM Core Suite allows your team to receive real-time notifications about customer interactions, collaborate on responses, and share insights directly within Slack, ensuring everyone is aligned and up-to-date.

Is there a limit to the number of users or contacts I can have with the CRM Core Suite?

The CRM Core Suite is designed to grow with your business. While base packages start with a set number of users and contacts, you can quickly expand your user base and contact list as your business needs grow. Please check our pricing details for more information on scaling your CRM system.

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